University of Manchester net zero target: workshop for estates & facilities team

Quantum has helped to frame the discussions we need to move our zero carbon programme forward, and has provided some great insight into areas that may provide solutions to some of our challenges. ” Emma Gardener, Head of Environmental Sustainability

In July 2019 The University of Manchester commissioned Quantum devise and facilitate a workshop on delivering The University of Manchester’s Zero Carbon target for staff in the Estates and Facilities Directorate. 

We delivered a two-hour workshop for 21 people.

The aim of the workshop was to bring everyone together, to work on an approach to delivering the University of Manchester’s zero carbon target by 2038 – thinking in new ways. Using a sticky wall, post its, flip charts and interactive participatory approaches, it covered:

  • What a zero carbon University of Manchester looks like – futurecasting
  • Looking at what we can do now
  • Unblocking and solving stalled projects
  • Steps to avoid carbon emissions lock-in
  • Innovating, collaborating and keeping an eye on the unknown
  • Next steps and actions

The workshop provided a space for the teams to consider the challenging target that has been set and to identify and discuss some of the challenges, blocks and to explore further research and thinking that needs to happen next.

Quantum wrote up the workshop report, with some additional case studies from other organisations.