A decade of delivery for climate action

The Quantum team has had a year of strategic and grassroots activity. Firstly, we delivered a big research piece for UK100 mapping the powers local authorities have to deliver on the climate emergency. The Power Shift report will be published in January 2021. Meanwhile at the grassroots level we are researching and scoping a project for Burneside Community Energy through their Next Generation grant. This will design and deliver a net zero community owned energy system for a new housing development in Cumbria. Additionally, we are continuing to support Carbon Co-op in the scaling up of the People Powered Retrofit Project.

Looking for a new challenge, Louise took a fixed term role as a Senior Advisor to the Committee on Climate Change. She supported the Sixth Carbon Budget advice with a focus on local delivery. Her report will be published alongside the Sixth Carbon Budget on 9 December 2020. It examines how national, regional and local action fits together. And focuses on the critical role of local authorities and the opportunities and blocks to action, providing advice to goverment, local authorities and regional agencies. Delivering this project mainly on line was a challenge, ably supported by contacts in local authorities and APSE in particular.

This year the UK committed to ambitious emissions cuts in advance of the climate talks. So the government is developing a set of new strategies on building and heat, energy, transport and trees. A Net Zero strategy is on the horizon. But making sure this is delivered in local communities, by skilled and empowered people and businesses really matters. Quantum has been supporting local authorities, supply chains including small businesses, community energy organisations and universities over many years to do just that. We are impatient to see long-term stable and well-resourced policy and funding to deliver on Net Zero. We’re hoping that 2021 brings forward some exciting new delivery projects to accelerate the transition.