Bradford Trident’s new Community Energy PV scheme

Bradford Trident commissioned Quantum to carry out two feasibility studies. Firstly, to investigate the potential to install solar PV on six of its buildings and to model whether a community energy model would be viable to install, own and run the solar PV schemes, selling electricity to Bradford Trident.

Secondly, to investigate the viability of installing PV on its proposed new development at Newall Street, approximately 1,400m² of light industrial buildings with south pitched roofs, with a view to a community energy organisation owning and managing these generation assets. 

Bradford Trident provided electricity usage data. Quantum visited the sites to assess roofs, access issues, day time electricity use, and security issues and to meet Bradford Trident directors to discuss aims, governance, project management and maintenance issues.

Our modelling showed that community owned energy schemes were viable on five of the six building and recommended prompt installation of the schemes to benefit from the Feed in Tariff before it expired. Bradford Trident has now installed a total of 90kW on three buildings, and is going to establish a new community energy organisation and issue a share offer to transfer ownership to the community to generate a community benefit fund of aprox. £2,000 a year and to benefit from electricity savings of £3,000 a year. 

Bradford Trident CEO, Carlton Smith said “Quantum have provided an invaluable contribution to our renewable ambitions. Their in depth knowledge and wealth of experience efficiently guided us through the complex issues and provided a comprehensive decision making process to arrive at a workable plan that delivered our renewable energy vision.  Professional,knowledgeable, flexible and community focused the Quantum team deliver a powerful service. I highly recommend them to you.”