Community Energy Innovation Toolkit

Greater Manchester’s Low Carbon Hub have launched a community energy innovation project. Funded by DBEIS and supported by Oldham Council, the project has awarded four community energy groups grant funding to develop innovative ideas for sustainable community energy business models to give the sector a boost in the wake of cuts to the Feed In Tariff and other subsidies. The four projects look at different opportunity areas e.g. selling electricity to multiple customers, setting up a CESCO, engaging lower income households, replicability of whole house retrofit, community biomass

The outcome will be a toolkit report which will summarise the innovations in a way which makes it easy for other groups across the country to use to develop their own new projects. Overseeing the project will be Quantum Strategy and Technology, experts in the sector who will ensure that links are made between the project and other innovations currently taking place across the country. We are keen to speak to any community energy groups who want to input into or discuss the project, or have similar examples they can share.

Please contact either Gill or Louise at Quantum – and