Carbon Literacy training pack

Cooler Projects asked Quantum to develop a training pack in Carbon Literacy for Social Landlords across Greater Manchester to train both staff and residents. The Carbon Literacy Project aims to provide everyone who lives, works or studies in Manchester a day’s worth of Carbon Literacy training. The training covers climate change, carbon footprints, how you can do your bit and how it’s relevant to your audience. It supports individual action and collective action.

Quantum’s training pack has learning materials, video links, presentations, hand-outs and exercises along with a User Guide for the trainer and information on assessing the learners against the Carbon Literacy Standard. It also includes training administration resources including sign in and evaluation sheets.

Phil Korbel from Cooler Projects said “Quantum manage that rare trick of combining technical experise with top notch project management and an affable relationship with the client. Their passion to promote sustainable development was very helpful too.”