Rural local authorities’ role in delivering Net Zero

Our Rural Net Zero report for UK100’s Countryside Climate Network outlines the vital role rural areas have in delivering the national Net Zero target. Based on research and interviews we have outlined the key challenges and opportunities rural areas have in reaching and going beyond Net Zero.

Retrofitting homes and decarbonising heat in urban areas is a challenge, but in rural areas it’s harder with a wider variety of homes, sparsity and fewer economies of scale. Decarbonising industry, with double the emissions of urban industry is another challenge. Rural areas will need different policy and funding approaches to the cities and urban areas.

Transport is another tough area to decarbonise, with longer distances to travel and harder business cases to crack.

Rural areas will need to provide greater opportunities for renewable energy, often within constrained grids, and need to provide the land for the carbon sequestration we need to deliver through afforestation, soils and peat.

The report outlines the policy challenges and potential solutions for rural local authorities.