Resource Efficiency

East Midlands Development Agency

Proposals for delivering resource efficiency support in the East Midlands. This project was undertaken in collaboration with URSUS Consulting and included a review of structures elsewhere in the UK, review of previous experience in the East Midlands, discussions and workshops with stakeholders and preparation of detailed proposals for the East Midlands’ new architecture for resource efficiency support for businesses.

NW Waste Sector Supply Chain

Detailed telephone and face to face interviews with companies in the NW waste and recycling sectors to map out their supply chains and pave the way for new infrastructure developments.

Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

Business Development Service and Third Sector Capacity Building – through this programme Quantum provide practical business and marketing advice and support to a wide range of companies and social enterprises wishing to develop and grow businesses in recycling and reprocessing.

Our work for WRAP covers a wide range of individual businesses from large commercial Material Recycling Facilities handling the full range of commercial, industrial, demolition and construction waste to companies dealing with single streams such as glass, post industrial and post consumer plastics of all types or green and other types of biodegradable waste (e.g. food). We have been involved in commercial due diligence, business planning for expansion, diversification and successful third party investment.
Please also see a recent case studies on the WRAP website which involved Quantum e.g. PVC recycling, Lawrence Recycling and PREEN.

Resource Recovery Parks

Critical Factors for Success – Research into existing and proposed RRPs in the UK and worldwide, to identify to potential role for these in the NW and success criteria. This involves an assessment of the needs of the waste streams, discussions with companies likely to move to the RRPs and analysis of the planning and public consultation issues involved.