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Carbon Literacy training pack to be used for 6000 social landlord staff

Cooler Projects asked Quantum to develop a training pack in Carbon Literacy for Social Landlords across Greater Manchester to train both staff and residents. The Carbon Literacy Project aims to provide everyone who lives, works or studies in Manchester a day’s worth of Carbon Literacy training. The training covers climate change, carbon footprints, how you can do your bit and how it’s relevant to your audience. It supports individual action and collective action.

Quantum’s training pack has learning materials, video links, presentations, hand-outs and exercises along with a User Guide for the trainer and information on assessing the learners against the Carbon Literacy Standard. It also includes training administration resources including sign in and evaluation sheets.

Phil Korbel from Cooler Projects said “Quantum manage that rare trick of combining technical experise with top notch project management and an affable relationship with the client. Their passion to promote sustainable development was very helpful too.”

Sustainability business support and market research – happy clients

Louise with Mark Morrison, Brand Strategy & Managing Director of nicepond creative with his award-winning saucepan packaging.

In 2013 – 14 we joined with University of Cumbria and Fiona Reed Associates to help a group of Cumbrian businesses to develop new opportunities.

Cumbria is one of three NW universities running an ERDF-funded Knowledge Action Network programme to support small businesses to grow. In Cumbria, the focus of the programme is on businesses already in or able to grow into the low carbon sector. We provided individual business coaching, group workshops and technical support specific to the needs of the companies.

The participants are a fascinating group of people, all with their own specialist knowledge and skills, but with often similar issues within their businesses. They range from engineers, architects, builders and equipment installers to ecologists and hydrologists. We have been providing market intelligence, insight into market demands on suppliers and useful contacts within the low carbon and renewable energy sector. We also provided advice on energy and materials use within the business and a realistic view on opportunities for renewable energy.

WOW! Thank you so much for this Louise.  Just to see it all on one doc – both intense and motivates me further yet refreshing in some way.

I’ve just printed and will work through it at home and make some notes / an action plan.

It was good to go through the report and see what you had written about the different areas that we had discussed. It has put them into perspective for me in manageable chunks.

I’ve already started on my Action Plan and will tackle it further this week.

Having the benefit of your perspective has been enormously helpful so thank you.                           Director, Visitor Attraction Services Provider

I thought you picked things up really quickly.  The exercise was really good for me as I sometimes wonder if we are pulling in different directions.         

Director of a family-run firm

I really found your input super useful and positive. Thank you lots.                                                          

Sole-trader, provider of bespoke business admin & finance systems

Thank you, thank you, thank you Louise. Much more for me this morning than just an hour of business support.

Woman-led enterprise (much discussion of balancing it all)

Training: Low Carbon Development & Renewable Energy – Planning Policy

Training for Local Authority Planners, Council Members, Planning Committee Members and Developers

Our training courses help Local Authority Planning Officers and Planning Committee Members understand the implications of government’s policy, the technologies they were likely to see in planning applications, and how their policies affect developments. They can help developers understand what planning policy means and what they need to include in their applications.

Our technical training sessions, workshops and site visits, cover topics such as:

  • Large scale renewable energy installations
  • Renewable heat and electricity for buildings
  • Low carbon design of housing and non-domestic buildings
  • Design for climate adaptation
  • Planning policy to support low carbon developments
  • Assessing planning applications
  • Carbon Calculations

Our training style is very responsive, so we incorporate lots of case studies, question and discussion sessions to make sure everyone has a chance to delve into the issues that are relevant to them, and can share experiences with others in the room.

Feedback from these training sessions:

“This series of courses has been the best I’ve been to for a very long time” – Joy Tetsill – Shropshire

“A must-go-to session for every policy and development control officer”

David Clarke – Malvern Hills

“Superbly structured seminar. Well presented and the willingness to answer and receive questions was very refreshing.  Thank you.”  Cllr Tom Marshall, Lichfield DC

If you need help in understanding planning policy or you need to make sure your Councillors and developers do then contact or give us a call on 01422 844172 to see how we can develop a course relevant to you.

Elected Council Members’ briefings

Quantum’s new set of briefings for CLASP – the north west’s local authority support programme on all things sustainable, low carbon and resilient, have just been published.

The six briefings, for Council members, cover key sustainability issues and outline the role members have in their community and council roles. Case studies and Councillor experiences are highlighted.

Topics are:

1 Developing your Local Low Carbon, Green Economy for Enterprise and Jobs

2 Helping Households Save Energy – Delivering Social and Economic Opportunities

3 Local and Low Carbon Energy Opportunities

4 Assessing and Understanding Renewable Energy Developments

5 Creating Resilient Communities

6 Local Authority Responsibilities for Flooding and Risk Management

Confidential Work

Confidential Work includes a recent development of a detailed business plan for an anaerobic digestion system up to 17000 tonnes p.a. in the UK and feasibility studies for different types of plastics washing plants.

Lawrence Recycling

A WRAP funded project to identify the market potential including potential tonnage streams for a large scale MRF handling commercial and industrial waste in the West Midlands.

Landis & Gyr

Market sizing – a project to determine the size of the UK market for electricity sub metering. This involved desk research and telephone interviewing of around 200 UK energy managers.


Development of an export strategy for a company who make utility tape from recycled plastic. Early target markets include Spain and the Caribbean.

Shred Tec

Development of a detailed business plan used to secure £250,000 worth of bank investment into new recycling equipment.

Regional Business Adviser

A project funded by the NWDA to provide specialist business advice to SMEs operating in the energy supply chain.